Please use this blog to help us remember Joshua Lee Anderson, who made the tragic and fatal decision to take his life on Wednesday, March 18, 2009. Please post any memories or thoughts you may have in the comments.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our Reaction to Dale's 10 Recommendations to Reform the Current Disciplinary Process

First of all, we want to say shame on Superintendent Dale and the School Board for taking action only after a second young life tragically lost to suicide has galvanized enough parental outrage and demand for change, due in large part to the courageous advocacy of the Stuban family and the unrelenting media scrutiny from the Washington Post and local news stations.

The Zero Tolerance Reform advocacy group was in existence several years prior to Josh's death and had been calling attention, albeit on deaf ears, to this draconian and overly harsh punitive process.  Had reforms occurred at that time, perhaps our son would be alive.

We find it interesting that the 10 recommendations below are being touted by school officials as "the most sweeping changes in more than a dozen years."  As Tim says, if nothing has been done in many years, any change will be "sweeping".  We see this as county "spin" to make this look better than what it really is.
  1. Refining notification rules and helping parents prepare for the process
  2. Helping students and parents understand their rights and responsibilities
  3. Recording all disciplinary hearings
  4. Shortening the disciplinary process
  5. Providing instructional and intervention support for students in limbo
  6. Giving more power to principals
  7. Collecting data on existing and any new disciplinary processes
  8. Urging parents to fill out exit surveys after hearings and school board rulings
  9. Training and retraining staff on disciplinary guidelines
  10. Continuing the "Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support" programs across all schools
Do you have the same reaction as we do when reading this list?  Aren't these just "bare minimum" items?  Isn't the county exposing how little attention has been placed on the disciplinary process that affected over 600 students last year and largely responsible for the deaths of two?  A process that all 175,000 students are exposed to?

Let's be honest Superintendent Dale and School Board members, this list isn't about true reform - it is about establishing procedures that should've been in place from the start.  

For example, how can FCPS subject students to involuntary transfers, basically ripping them out of their community, and not collect data on the impact of this highly punitive action to the student?   We find this "unconscionable".

This is a start but there is a long way to go.   Here is our list that would signal true reform.

IMMEDIATE CHANGE that must be demanded by all FCPS parents:
  1. Parents MUST BE notified if their child has done anything to warrant suspension.  There should be NO questioning of the student by school administrators or SRO (School Resource Officers) and NO searching of student property until at least one parent is present. 
  2. Stop involuntary transfers immediately until the process has been reformed.  Heaven help the Superintendent and School Board if another FCPS student who has been involuntarily transferred attempts or succeeds in suicide. 
REFORM the process
  1. The initial hearing should be at the local schools.  Only if the student is deemed a threat to the school community by people who know the student, should it be "kicked" up the School Board Hearing Office. 
  2. Use the money saved by reducing the Hearing office (the cost is approximately $1.6 million) to provide training on the local level for these hearings. 
  3. First time juvenile offenders should be treated as such.  Distinctions must be made between dumb teen mistakes and hardened criminal activity.  It should not be that the law treats these kids with more compassion and understanding than the school system. 
  4. Consequences should match the offense with a goal of education and reform.  Kids should be able to make dumb teen mistakes and learn from them without wholesale change and disruption to their lives.  NOTE: We are not saying that kids who break rules shouldn't be punished.  They should be.  But not in a way that is overly harsh and punitive. 
  5. SRO presence in schools should be re-evaluated.  We have heard horror stories of "over zealous" SRO's that take any excuse to search students.  It is as though they are looking for someone to prosecute.  Has something that started out as a good thing, gone too far? 
  6. Involuntary transfers should be the absolute last resort, not the first. 
Our overall comment to the Superintendent and the School Board is this: Stop hiding behind the excuse of "we are following the Virginia State Code when we recommend first-time student offenders for expulsion."  It has been established that Virginia law not only allows school boards to use discretion for special circumstances but can determine what those circumstances are.  

Remember what it was like to be a teen.  If you were back in high school, did you engage in activity that would subject you to the disciplinary process?  And if so, how would you have fared?  

Use discretion; have compassion.

Or more famously said: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. "

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Helpful Links For the Grief Journey

A list of helpful links for the journey....

On Coping with Grief
  • - a website maintained by a Certified Grief Counselor whose goal is to provide a site that offers a clear, practical plan for dealing with the stresses and uncertainties of grief loss. 
  • Suicide Grief Support Forum - is a public message board whose mission is to "provide information, support and comfort to anyone whose life has been touched by the suicide of another person."
  • - created to be a "supportive community of people who are survivors of sibling suicide."
  • Survivors of - purpose of the site is to "help those who have lost a loved one to suicide resolve their grief and pain in their own personal way."
On Suicide
Helpful Books

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pictures From March 2011 Bar Fundraiser for Half Marathon Run

Today our daughter Lauren and her boyfriend John, ran the SunTrust Half Marathon in Washington DC in memory of our beloved Josh.  The bar fundraiser raised almost $3,000 which brings the total in Josh's fund to over $14,000!  Many, many thanks to all those who supported the fundraiser, either by your donation at Rumors Bar or by sending in your check.  Lauren will be coming home this summer to volunteer a few months of her time to the important task of finding programs that we can support with this money.

Because the timing of this race falls near the anniversary of Josh's death, we plan to continue the tradition.  I have already decided to join Lauren next year and will run either the half marathon again or the relay.  We hope others will join us.

Below is a slideshow of the event. We are so proud of Lauren and what she is doing to honor her brother's memory.

Friday, March 18, 2011

2 Years Later - March 18, 2011

Can it be two years already?  Has Josh been gone for that long?  It doesn't seem so, but time does not lie.  It does not slow down either.  It keeps moving without pause or break.

And although it has been 24 months or 730 days, Josh's death does not feel that far from me.  I've created a space for myself to read and write in his room but sometimes, many times, it is hard to be there.  The stuff on his desk stare at me.  It is physically painful to see his handwriting.  His glasses and sunglasses hang where he last put them.  What if I could put them on and see what he saw, that last night two years ago?

Stuff is piled in his closet.  Will I find any clues if I meticulously go through everything?  I should start but can't find the motivation or energy.  So things remain.  For how long?  Who knows.  All I know is that I can't do anything about it now.

We've received a number of checks for Lauren's fundraising run that is happening next weekend along with heartfelt notes.  Numerous Facebook messages, emails, cards from friends as well as perfect strangers.  All to let us know that they are thinking of Josh and it hits me again - for the umpteenth time -  how much our boy is loved and still missed by so many.

The tear ducts have recently been dry but not now.  The spigots have turned on after receiving an email from one of Josh's school friends who shared very specific memories of him. Of what he taught her (how to solve a Rubic's cube - I forgot how obsessed he was with that), the last time she saw him which was the day he was suspended and a last text a few days before he died.

Why did he do it? Why did he end it all?  Why did he leave everyone who loved him?  The unanswerable questions followed by the inward self-grilling and the blanket of guilt continues, even after two long years.

I will end this post with pictures from the day.  

Pictures from the cemetery....

A new chime from Josh's grandparents

Making a blanket of red and white rose petals

Beautiful flowers received today...

Slide show of the Wings gathering....Tim and I are so grateful to those who came to be with us....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wings Gathering - March 18, 2011

For those who are free and would like to gather to remember Josh while eating some wings, Tim and I will be at the Buffalo Wings Factory in Reston on Friday, March 18th at 7pm.

If we haven't met you yet, but you know our son, please stop by.   We would love to meet you and hear your stories.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2nd Annual "Running to Remember Josh" Fundraiser - March 25, 2011

Dear Friends,

On March 26th, Lauren Anderson and close friends will run the SunTrust National Half Marathon in the honor of Joshua Lee Anderson, who tragically ended his life on March 18, 2009.  The Josh Anderson Memorial Fund was created shortly thereafter to support programs for the education and prevention of teenage suicide. Lauren, her mother and two dear friends ran the
marathon and half marathon last year on March 20, 2010 in Josh's honor and raised $8,000 towards the Fund!  This summer, Lauren will be moving back to the D.C. area to devote time and energy towards the fight against teenage suicide.

A Bar Fundraiser for the Josh Anderson Memorial Fund will take place on March 25, 2011 from 5-7 pm at
Rumors bar in D.C.   

Feel free to forward on to friends, family, colleagues and classmates as this is an open event to everyone.  We hope to see you there!

The Anderson Family

Rumors is located ~2 blocks from Dupont Circle and the Dupont Circle metro.  Bracelets will be $10 at the door which will go towards the Fund and drinks will be happy hour prices.  Additional donations are accepted.

If you can’t make the event but would still like to donate, checks can be made out to the Great Falls Optimist Club and mailed to 1300 Carpers Farm Way.  Vienna, VA 22182. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Coming up to the 2 year....

It is now March 7th and Josh's 2 year death anniversary is around the corner.  After March 18th, we will be living in the third year without him.  For some reason, this feels significant.  I don't know why. Perhaps it is the same sort of feeling that a cancer victim has after enduring invasive surgery, days of chemotherapy and rounds of radiation.  It feels like our family has survived the worst of the unimaginable.  Not that we are done, but the worst is over.  And now, we are in the process of moving forward with our lives while taking Josh with us.

My fear that his death would be in vain is unfounded.  With the tragic death of another young teen who was also subject to the disciplinary process within Fairfax County Public Schools, there is finally some movement to examine the effectiveness of the policy and make wholesale changes.

I also feared that Josh would be forgotten by his friends.  Nothing could be further from the truth as evidenced by the numerous birthday messages on his Facebook wall two months ago.  Last month, I heard from a mom whose son went to South Lakes HS and played football and lacrosse with our boy.  She shared how much Josh is still loved and missed. With their permission, the photo below is a picture of his desk.  So we are not the only one who have pictures of Josh around our home.

We love and miss you Josh.
R.I.P. my beloved son,

Friday, March 4, 2011

Josh and Nick's Suicides ARE Linked to FCPS ZT Policy: Updated 6/10/2011

This post has been created in honor of Josh Anderson (3/18/2009) and Nick Stuban (1/20/2011)

Both of these boys should be alive: Josh as a freshman in college and Nick as a high school sophomore. While their offenses were different, the feelings were the same: helplessness, hopelessness and despair due to the punishment given by Fairfax County Public Schools and as a result, both are gone. In their prime of life. And the saddest thing of all is that if treated differently, they would still be here.

Additional thought: Actually, what is so horrific about all of this is that if the policy was reviewed and reformed after Josh's death, then Nick would still be alive. To me, this falls squarely at the feet of the Fairfax County School Board and Superintendent.

There has been much in the media after Nick's death resulting in increased public pressure for the School Board and Superintendent Jack Dale to revise the draconian disciplinary policies. Two members of the Fairfax Board of Supervisors are calling for it. And any parent who has read the moving article by Donna St. George in Sunday's Washington Post (2/20/11) about the Stuban's experience and Nick's suicide should be afraid, angry and get involved in the call for reform. Why? Because the disciplinary policies could ensnare you and your child.

Teens are teens. Despite everything you do to keep your kids on the "straight and narrow" know what I mean: the "talks", the warnings, the curfews, the vetting of friends, careful monitoring of sleepovers, dishing out of consequences when rules are broken, all of the things that conscientious parents do, please listen when I say this - when they are in high school, all bets are off.

Josh was not a bad kid. And while I don't believe his words about drug use in high school were entirely true, "Mom, everyone is doing it", it is more prevalent than what I want to think and believe. He was a repeat offender, despite everything we were trying to do, and I realize he will not garner the same sympathy as Nick, but he was not a bad kid. We don't condone what he did but he should not have been made to feel like a criminal. He was guilty of being dumb, stupid and making really bad choices, but he was not a bad kid. He was not a threat to other students in FCPS and as such, he should not have faced expulsion to an alternative school or from the county. He should've have been punished, absolutely. And severely so. But not by removing him from his school, friends, athletic opportunities and support system. We believe this was too harsh. (Read this post for our experience)

Tim is keeping me abreast of the comments on the recent articles. I understand that just as Josh will be judged "guilty as charged", having been caught twice, the same will be for us as his parents. What were we teaching him? How permissive were we? Why couldn't we control our own son so that he would stay away from drugs? At the risk of sounding defensive, and I will only do this once, our other three kids will serve as as our parental "resume".
  • Tyler (26) graduated from TJ, short for the the nationally renowned Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. According to the US News and World Report, it is the #1 high school in the country, securing the top spot each of the three years they have ranked schools. He graduated from the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia, is married and working as an account executive at a telemarketing firm.
  • Lauren (23) went to Langley HS and after graduating from the top ranked McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia, is now working as a financial analyst at a mid market investment banking firm.
  • Gillian (20) is also a TJ graduate and is currently a 3rd year student at the University of Virginia, majoring in psychology and minoring in film study.
Everyone in our area knows how difficult it is to get into TJ. And all who live in Virginia know how steep the competition is to receive the coveted UVA acceptance letter as it is the #2 top public university in the country. Parents also know the challenge that college graduates face in securing good jobs in this tough economy. While all the credit goes to our kids for their accomplishments, I believe they would say that parental love and support was paramount to their success.

Why am I sharing more about our family? Only to say this: If it can happen to us and now to the Stuban's, it can happen to anyone. Our hearts go out to Nick's parents. Unfortunately we know the nightmare they are living. Tim and I implore parents to wake up and demand change for the sake of your children....before other lives are irrevocably damaged or heaven forbid, lost.

Below are media links in chronological order. The intent is to have everything on one post for easy reference.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Suicide death of our 17 year old beloved son
Joshua Lee Anderson

Wednesday (3/25/09)
Reston Connection: "Saxons, Seahawks Mourn Teammate"

Sunday (4/5/09)
Washington Post: "Unbending Rules on Drugs in Schools Drive One Teen to the Breaking Point" by Marc Fisher

Monday (4/6/09)
Washington Post - Raw Fisher: "Zero Tolerance: Cure Can Be Harsher Than Crime" by Marc Fisher

The New York Times Parenting Blog: "A Zero-Tolerance Policy, and a Suicide" by Lisa Belkin

Tuesday (4/14/09)
Washington Post - Raw Fisher: "Zero Tolerance: Parents Talk Tough, But Are They Really?" by Marc Fisher

Wednesday (4/29/09)
Reston Connection: "Seahawks Ready for Postseason Breakthrough" by Rich Sanders

Tuesday (10/13/09)
Washington Post - The Answer Sheet blog post: "Checking It Out: Zero Tolerance or Zero Sense?" by Valerie Strauss

Friday (9/17/10)
Gazette: "One Strike, They're Out" by Julia O'Donoghue

Thursday, January 20, 2011
Suicide death of 15 year old beloved son
Nicholas L. Stuban

Saturday (1/22/11)
Washington Post: "Student Death Stirs Up Fairfax: Disciplinary policies scrutinized after student death in Fairfax. Suicide suspected after suspension and transfer" by Donna St. George

Monday (1/24/11)
Fairfax City Patch: "Student's Death Opens Old Wounds" by Whitney Rhodes

Thursday (1/27/11)
Burke Connections: "Mantua Teenager Remembered: Nick Stuban, 15, participated in Woodson football, Boy Scouts" by Julia O'Donoghue

Tuesday (2/8/11)
Fairfax County Board of Supervisors (BOS) Resolution: "Fairfax County Public Schools Zero Tolerance Policy" by Supervisor Catherine M. Hudgins (Hunter Mill District) and Supervisor Penny Gross (Mason District)

Friday (2/11/11)
FCPS Superintendent Jack D. Dale: "Statement to Members of the Fairfax County BOS"

Washington Post: "School Superintendent Jack D. Dale Defended Fairfax County's Discipline Policies "by Donna St. George

Reston Patch: "Supervisor Hudgins Explains 'Zero Tolerance' Remarks"

Reston Patch: "Schools Superintendent Blasts Hunter Mill Supervisor" by Karen Goff

Tuesday (2/15/11)
Oakton Patch: "County, School Officials Spar Over Disciplinary Process' Link to Student Suicides" by Whitney Rhodes

Reston Patch Opinion: "Gibson: 'Our Students Deserve Better": Hunter Mill School Board rep says county BOS should stay out of zero tolerance debate.

Sunday (2/20/11)
Washington Post: "Student's Suspension Furthered His Despair: Suicide turns attention to Fairfax County's discipline procedures" by Donna St. George

Washington Post - The Answer Sheet blog post: "Why School Zero Tolerance Policies Make No Sense"by Valerie Strauss

Monday (2/21/11):
6 page letter from the Rutherford Institute to Superintendent Jack Dale titled "Nick Stuban and Fairfax County Public Schools Disciplinary Process"

The Rutherford Institute News: "Rutherford Institute Denounces Zero Tolerance, Calls On Fairfax School District to Reform Disciplinary Process in Wake of Student Suicide"

Washington Post: "Family of Fairfax Teen Suicide Victim Wants Changes in School Disciplinary Policies" by Donna St. George

Washington Post: "A Temperance Movement Springs Up to Combat Fairfax County Schools' Zero Tolerance Policy" by Petula Dvorak

Channel 9 News: "Father of Suicide Victim Demands Changes in School Policy"

Connection: "School Discipline: Broken or Perfect? Jack Dale criticizes concerns linking teen suicides to suspensions" by Julia O'Donoghue

Tuesday (2/22/11):
Washington Post - The Answer Sheet: "Jack Dale's response to Stuban Family Letter"

Springfield Connection: "Time to Talk about 'Discipline': Schools need to consider the best interests of the studentby Mary Kimm

Wednesday (2/23/11):
Oakton Patch: "Dale Points to State Zero Tolerance Policies to Explain FCPS Actions" by Whitney Rhodes

Fairfax City Patch: "Reed Responds to Zero Tolerance Debate" (Patricia Reed is the school board member for the Providence District, which includes Woodson HS)

Washington Post: "VA Teen's Suicide Prompts MD Review of Disciplinary Policies" by Donna St. George

Washington Post Opinon: "The Rationale for Strict High School Discipline" by David Campbell, teacher at Centreville HS

Washington Post Opinion: "No Second Chances at Fairfax Schools" by Robert Guerra

Washington Post Editorial: "Fairfax County Should Reconsider Its Zero Tolerance School Discipline"

Saxon Scope: "Is 'Zero Tolerance' Not Enough?" by Terra Holderman

Thursday (2/24/11)
Channel 9 news: "Fairfax School Officials Defend Discipline Policy"

Dignity in Schools: "Zero Tolerance, Zero Consideration" by Joao Da Silva

abc2news: "Virginia teen's death prompts Maryland to review zero tolerance polices"

Scrippsnews: "School's Rigid Adherence to Rules Proves Fatalby Dan Thomasson

Friday (2/25/11)

Washington Post: "Fairfax County School Board To Review Discipline Policiesby Donna St. George

Monday (2/28/11)

Washington Post - Two letters to the Editor: "Removing Students: Fair or Foul?" by Crystal Shin, Charlottesville and Michael Wilcove, Rockville

Washington Examiner: "Fairfax Suicide Prompts VA Task Force on School Discipline" by Lisa Gartner

Wednesday (3/2/11)
Washington Examiner Local Editorial: "Zero Tolerance' Policies Do Lasting Damage"

Friday (3/4/11)
Washington Post Opinons: "What 'Zero Tolerance" Meant For My Son" by Sonia Mey-Schmidt

Wednesday (3/9/11)
Washington Examiner Local Editorial: "Zero Tolerance" Policies do Lasting Damage"

Thursday (3/10/11) -
Washington Post: "Teenage Suspended from Fairfax County over Acne Drug" by Donna St. George

McLean Patch Mom's Chat: "Disciplinary Process Needs Reform: Don't Crush Our Kid's Dreams"

Friday (3/11/11)
Washington Post's The Answer Sheet: "5 Myths About Zero-Tolerance Disciplinary Policies" by Valerie Strauss

Vienna Patch: "Stubans to Parents: Commit to FCPS Reform"

Vienna Patch: "FCPS Discipline Reform Group Plans for Monday's School Board Session" by Whitney Rhodes

Saturday (3/12/11)
Washington Post: "A Temperance Movement Springs Up to Combat Fairfax County Schools' Zero Tolerance Policy" by Petula Dvorak

Sunday (3/13/11)
Time Magazine: "Zero Tolerance, Zero Sense" by Nancy Gibbs

Monday (3/14/11)
Washington Post Local Breaking News Blog: "Fairfax Holds Hearings on School Discipline Policies" by Donna St. George

Reston Patch: "School Board Considers More 'Holistic' Approach to Discipline" by Whitney Rhodes

Red Apple Mom Blog post: "The "Fear Factor" in FCPS School Discipline"

Channel 9 News: "Fairfax School Policy Reviewed After Expulsions" by Peggy Fox

FCPS School Board Agenda and Topics for all day work session: "Review of Student Disciplinary Process"

Tuesday (3/15/11)
Washington Post Education: "In the Aftermath of Student's Suicide, Fairfax Board Examines Discipline Policiesby Donna St. George

Channel 9 News: "Virginia Education Leader Wants Reviews for all Disciplined Student" by Peggy Fox

Wednesday (3/16/11)
Fairfax Times: "School Board Considers Changing its Discipline Policy" by Holly Hobbs

Washington Post: "Fairfax County School Board to Review Discipline Policies" by Donna St. George

Saturday (3/19/11)
Washington Post's Higher Education: "Fairfax Schools' Discipline Policies Up for Review: Parents Seek More Leniency" by Donna St. George

Sunday (3/20/11)
Reston Patch: "Parents Push for Changes to Disciplinary Process" by Sherell Williams

Tuesday (3/22/11)
Washington Post: "Fairfax Schools Chief Says System is Seeking Ways to Improve Discipline Process" by Donna St. George

Fox News: "Community Meeting Held to Discuss Fairfax County Schools Disciplinary Process" by Wisdom Martin

Wednesday (3/23/11)
WAMU 88.3 DC: "Kojo in Your Community: Discipline in the Fairfax County Schools"

Fairfax City Patch: "Stubans Call Out Involuntary Transfers, Want Discipline Changes Now" by Whitney Rhodes and Bobbi Bowman

Radio Without All the Noise: "Kojo Explores FCPS Disciplinary Policies with McLean Community" by Jonathan Wilson

Thursday (3/24/11)
Falls Church News "Commentary on March 20th Town Hall Meeting" by Penny Gross, Mason District Supervisor of Fairfax Board of Supervisors

Monday (3/28/11)
Washington Post: "Fairfax Schools Consider Recording Student Disciplinary Hearings" by Donna St. George

Wednesday (3/30/11)
Reston Patch: "Dale Recommends Relief for Students Caught with Meds, But What About Others?" by Whitney Rhodes

WTOP: "'Zero Tolerance' May be Amended in Fairfax Schools" by Hank Silverberg

Fairfax Times: "School Board to Address Expulsion, Transfers" by Holly Hobbs

Channel 9 News: "Fairfax Schools Superintendent Proposes Changes To Discipline Process" by Peggy Fox

NBC News: "Superintendent Suggests Plan to Improve Discipline in Schools"

Fox News: "Virginia Task Force Meets with Student's Father to Discuss School Disciplinary Program"

Thursday (3/31/11)
Washington Post: "Dale Proposes Changes to Fairfax Discipline Process" by Donna St. George

Fairfax Times Opinion: "A Primer on Fairfax County Public School's Disciplinary Processby David Hirsch, attorney with Fairfax-based law firm

Fairfax Times: "School Discipline Process Can Be Improvedby Kathy Smith, Chairman of the Fairfax County School Board

March 2011
Child Trends Brief: "Multiple Responses, Promising Results: Evidence-Based, Nonpunitive Alternatives to Zero Toleranceby Christopher Boccanfuso, Ph.D and Megan Kuhfeld B.S.

Sunday (4/3/11)
Washington Post Local Opinion: "How Fairfax Can Get School Discipline Right" by Caroline Hemenway and Janet Otersen, co-founders of

Monday (4/4/11)
Washington Examiner: "Fairfax School Board Weighs Changes to Discipline Policy" by Lisa Gartner

Washington Post:  "Revamp of Fairfax School Discipline Rules Continues" by Donna St. George

Fox News: "No Changes to Fairfax County Public Schools Discipline Policy" by Sherri Ly

Wednesday (4/6/11)
FairfaxCityPatch: "Gibson: There Needs To Be Consequences for Drug Offenders in Schools" by Karen Goff

Wednesday (4/20/11)
Washington Post: "Penalties for Drug Offenses Weigh Heavily on Students" by Donna St. George

Tuesday (5/10/11)
Vienna Patch: "Madison, Thoreau Principals Open Dialogue on School Discipline" by Elizabeth Vandenburg

Channel 9 News: "Are School's Zero Tolerance Policies Going Too Far?" 

Saturday (5/14/11)
Washington Post: "Fairfax Discipline Proposals Issued" by Donna St. George

Tuesday (5/17/11)
Vienna Patch: "School Board Mulls Parental Notification, Access to Hearing Recording in Discipline Work Session" by Sherell Williams

Washington Post: "Fairfax County School Board Weighs Changes to Discipline Policies" by Donna St. George "School Board: Discipline Proposal Not Enough" by Holly Hobbs

Tuesday (6/7/11)
Vienna Patch: "FZTR Hopes School Board's SR&R Vote Isn't Final Callby Whitney Rhodes

Thursday (6/9/11)
Washington Post: "Fairfax May Reexamine Forced School Transfers in Discipline Cases" by Donna St. George

Channel 9 News (5:00 pm):  "Parents of Son Who Committed Suicide Rally for Changes" by Peggy Fox

Channel 9 News (11:00 pm): "Disciplinary Policy Changes Coming To Fairfax County Public Schools"

Channel 4 News (11:00 pm): "Fairfax Schools Zero Tolerance Policies Nixed" by Darcy Spencer

Friday (6/10/11)
Washington Post: "Fairfax Scales Back Discipline Policy" by Donna St. George

Vienna Patch: "School Board Votes to Make Discipline Process More Flexible, Supportive" by Naomi Nix

ABC 7 News: "Fairfax Parents, Students Glad Over the Change in Discipline Policies" by Gail Pennybaker

Saturday (6/11/11)
Vienna Patch: "School Board: Discipline Changes Won't End 'Involuntary Transfer' Option" by Naomi Nix