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Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day - June 21, 2009

This post is for Tim - who is a great husband and father. In their cards, our children expressed their love and appreciation for everything that he has done for them through the years. As with many other children in our area, our kids were very active throughout their school years; involved with soccer, basketball, football, lacrosse, and dance team.

We would often have to "divide and conquer" in order to watch all of their games on the weekends. Tim never minded - he loved going and watching them compete. Once the older kids were in high school, it became a bit more challenging as we had four kids in four different schools. Both Lauren and Tyler played basketball so I remember the nights when we would go to Lauren's JV game and then race to Tyler's varsity game - many times across the county.

Probably similar to other father and sons, Tim had a special bond with Josh through sports. He NEVER missed a football game and often chastised me for being a few minutes late, which to him was like a mortal sin; for me, it meant missing the opening kick-off and a few subsequent plays.

Successful high school sports depends on a lot of parent involvement. While I was content to sit in the stands and cheer Josh on, Tim was up above the press box, filming the game. This, apparently is very serious business, of which he was the most dependable game-filmer ever. No matter what the weather, he was up filming and providing some commentary such as, "first and ten", then "second and four", then "third and two", etc. etc. Sometimes, I would go up to watch the game with him, but would have to really censor myself as I can be quite loud and one can't have a mother's voice on the film that is given to the coach and watched by all the players the next day!

Gillian gave a special gift to her dad this Father's Day. I will end this post with a photo of her card and gift (a mug with a collage of pictures on it) as well as a slide show of some photos of Josh and his dad.


Biggie-Z said...

love you guys. miss you, josh.

Anonymous said...

I have seen first hand many times what a great dad Tim is. His pride and love for his children has always been so obvious. Sue, thanks for sharing. You guys are ever on my heart.


Uncle Jin said...

This article was especially touching since, like manny other fathers, I relate and communicate with my sons through sports. Sue, you became a very prolific writer. My wife & I read every blog you post and admire your courage to share your thoughts, which benefit us tremendously when we deal with our kids. With Love