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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Teammates Still Remember Josh

Over a year has passed since Josh left us on that fateful day, March 18, 2009. He was a gifted athlete and school was marked not so much by quarters passed, but sports seasons. He left us two days before the opening South Lakes lacrosse game. The boys played that Friday night with a man down on defense on the first play - in memory of him. We received pictures of that night which are posted on the blog.

He would be in his senior year. Another South Lakes lacrosse season has passed. I received an email with this note from a SLHS mom. It encourages us to know that our beloved son still lives in the hearts of his teammates.

My name is Meagan Church. My son, Jeff, is a student at South Lakes (sophomore) and I wrote to you last year shortly after Josh passed away. Jeff gave up soccer last year to try out for the JV LAX team. I thought it might be a mistake (I was afraid that he wouldn't make the team since he didn't have any experience) but I supported his decision to try. Since all of the players started out together Jeff had the opportunity to meet Josh. Jeff was impressed that an older, "cool" guy would be nice to the younger, newer players like Jeff. Jeff played on JV last season.

This season Jeff started on JV but was moved up to Varsity for several games. When the season ended I opened up Jeff's LAX bag to clean things. Right away when I unzipped the bag I noticed the letters "JA" on Jeff's helmet. I was thinking JA, JA, JA... then I remember that the players had put Josh's initials on their helmets to honor him.

I took this picture to share with you. I hope that you don't mind. You know how dirty, wet and sweaty these boys get. It was clear to me that the initials were not faded--someone had to have taken the time to go over them again--they were clear and the ink was dark. I asked Jeff about it and he said that all of the helmets are that way. It's obvious that the players missed and honored your son in every game they played. I'm proud that my son had the chance to wear a helmet with Josh's initials on it.

Josh - I wish you knew what an impact your short life on Earth has had on so many people. Rest in peace, my beloved son. Know that you are still missed by family, friends and teammates. We all wish with all of our hearts that you could have found another way.

God Bless

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nonameplease said... son...knew your son and his lacrosse and football helmet both still honor Josh...we are even a step closer son was found like your son...this spring with less than 10 days of school left. I asked to be present when things were done or teted...I was told I would be called...but that never happened. It was all done with out a single phone call to me. We now have gone through the hearings and will be starting at another school this fall for his Senior year...I have to be honest. I noticed a lot of change in my son after the loss of Josh. He loved him valued him and hated how his 'team mate', 'friend', 'family member' was treated. The policy dehumanizes us all. We tried talking that turned to arguing. Then we tried counseling...that didn't last. We tried a different living arraingement...that didn't last.(It killed me to try this) Now here we stand...he has been tossed in to the street by his "family" his school...that still to this day sends me "_________" Family we need your help! In others words my time or my money...because once your family gets into trouble...a real family cirlces around you to raise you up to help you...Not get rid of you. Not throw you to another school like your the entire problem in your home school and once you are gone then it willbe all good. This is our Senior year. This would of been our 12 season of football. My son is an ok to good to great player on any given day. But even though we are glad to be able to still go to school the change of high schools...implys a 30 day school day waiting period for him toplay a sport. So goodbye Senior football, Senior night, or perhaps an offer to play football in college...This kid. My kid has done everything that has been asked of him to do by the school board, and me his parent. But he is still punished. I am at a loss. I go between feelings like a ping pong ball. I am angry. The system, the system has in place doesn't work for the betterment of the child envolved.It is broken and it's time all these highly educated people put their heads together before we lose more kids in one way or another to their rules. I just hope all kids that have gone through what my son has ...are being placed on the same 30day waiting period...but as we all's who you know in Fairfax county...If you have any words of wisdom...we are all ears...