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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Original Poem: Sir Death

I wrote this poem to contrast polar reactions when faced with a life-threatening situation.  For most, our natural inclination kicks in: we fight for life.  I've seen this exemplified in a close relative who has defied death several times, sometimes it seems, by sheer will power.  Josh took the opposite route.

Why the difference?

More food for thought after reading an article this week in the Washington Post:  Blood Test May Show Risk of Suicide. 

Sir Death
by Sue Anderson

Sir Death is alive and well,
filling most with fear and dread,
his fellowship to be avoided at all cost.

Sometimes close,
he elicits the most desperate desire to live:
     no doctor too far
     no medicine too pricey
     no procedure too painful
     no therapy too crazy
succumbing to the most primal instinct
is to defy Death's grip.

But for others,
even as young as seventeen,
healthy and strong,
the false invitation entices
filling the gullible soul with hope of freedom
     from the pain, shame and guilt
causing a break with Reason, whereby,
     Death wins.

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