Please use this blog to help us remember Joshua Lee Anderson, who made the tragic and fatal decision to take his life on Wednesday, March 18, 2009. Please post any memories or thoughts you may have in the comments.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Sign From iPhoto?

Gillian has been coming home on the weekends from college to earn a bit of money working as a youth league basketball referee/scorekeeper. We like having her home as the house is too quiet otherwise. Last night, I was at my desk working when she came downstairs saying in a somewhat strained voice, "Mom, you have to look at this." My stomach dropped a bit, not knowing what I would see. Another note from Josh? A picture that I haven't seen? Another reminder of our painful loss?

What she showed me took my breath away. On her Mac, she had been working in the iPhoto program, where you can "tag" someone's face, name it and iPhoto will suggest other photos they might be in. Once tagged, it is a clever way to find all the pictures with that person in it.

She was working on tagging all photos of Josh. Below is the screenshot of what she wanted to show me. Above the black bar are all the tagged pictures of Josh. Then the words: "Josh may also be in the photos below". It is a bit difficult to see on the first screenshot, but the second shows the photo is one of angels on the side of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, France.

We both stared at the screen, shaking our heads and wondered how this could be. Being a novice Mac user myself, I asked her, "Have you ever seen something like this before?" Gillian, who has thousands of picture on her computer and works with iPhoto regularly, answered emphatically, "Never, no way! This has never happened."

Just two weeks ago, at Josh's grave site, on his 18th birthday, I asked him to let us know he was okay.

Thank you, Josh for giving us this sign and letting us know you are now our guardian angel.

God Bless


Katie said...

Reading this post brought tears to my eyes... what a beautiful, incredible experience!!!

Roxanne said...

Keep watching over all of us. Please know we love you and miss you each and every day! Thank you for the signs you keep sending us!
We love you so!

carlalaura said...

To Josh's mom -
My 17 year old son Teddy died of suicide last Feb. 18. I would like to send you an email to introduce myself and share some info. What is your email address? you can give it to me by email at
Thanks, Carla