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Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 31, 2009 - Josh and dogs

Josh loved dogs - all kinds of dogs. And they loved him. Any observer would say that he had a kindred spirit with them. When our kids were younger, they yearned for a puppy. But having four kids within seven years of each other, it was hard for me to think about adding a dog to the mix.

When we finally got Buddy in May of 2002, it was safe to say that Josh was the most excited one in the family. He was no longer the youngest! Six months later, we added our second dog and sixth "child", Benji. We now felt complete.

Josh hanging out with Buddy and Benji

Buddy is helping Josh read his book. You can see Benji's backside next to Josh.

Not only did Josh have our two dogs to love, but he always had dogs to hang out with when we visited our extended family as you can see from the following pictures.

Josh at Tyler and Emily's home with their two dogs, Huck and Tom.

Here is a video taken by Emily of Huck and Tom wrestling. Josh says a few words and the dogs engage him in their fun towards the end.

Our summer vacation in Vermont. Sleeping with Benji on his arm and Biggie (owned by his uncle and aunt in NY) - two views because they were so cute that multiple people were taking photos...

And a picture of Biggie the next year, in Virginia, getting his picture taken by Josh.

Summer at Cape Cod - Josh is with Cooper, a chocolate lab that belongs to his cousin's family.

Josh is getting "loved" by Seamus, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is owned by his aunt and uncle in Boston.

Virtually the entire family from both mine and Tim's side traveled to Virginia for Josh's funeral service. Because it was on such short notice and there is a nice hotel nearby which accommodates four-legged family members, all of the dogs came too.

I will close this post with this video taken of Biggie and Huck - playing in our backyard. Josh would've been right in the middle of them. The song is one from his playlist posted on this blog.

Josh - not only do we miss you terribly, but so do Buddy, Benji, Huck, Tom, Biggie, Cooper and Seamus. Rest in peace.

God Bless

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Anonymous said...

Awww...I have a picture of Josh and Chico to give you too :) You know my dream of Josh was him in heaven playing with Chico. I have such a warm place in my heart when I think of that dream. Josh laying in the hammock and Chico running and jumping on him. Josh with his big smile :)

I love you Sue