Please use this blog to help us remember Joshua Lee Anderson, who made the tragic and fatal decision to take his life on Wednesday, March 18, 2009. Please post any memories or thoughts you may have in the comments.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another sign - Dr. Joshi

In a previous post entitled ”Remember Me”, I had shared how the sister of one of Josh's best friends, Bryce, was planning to name her unborn daughter, Hailee, in honor of Josh, whose middle name is my maiden name, Lee.

Hailee Marie came safely into the world on February 11th and with her, another sign from Josh. I received a phone call with the good news along with the most unbelievable story. Pictures confirming this story soon followed and are posted below.

Those of us who have given birth know that the pediatrician on call is the one who will be the baby's first doctor. If an on-going pediatrician has been chosen, this doctor will see typically see the baby later that day or the next.

Hailee's first doctor's name: Dr. Joshi - I kid you not!! A couple of questions ran through my mind: How many times have I heard this last name - never. What are the chances that a Dr. Joshi would be on call at the exact hospital on the exact day that Hailee was born? Can't even imagine the probability. Could this be just a coincidence? Even harder to believe than if it were a sign.

Also, "Joshie" is the nickname that Bryce's family used for him. And, if it was a sign from Josh, it would be exactly what he would do - with a very big smirk.

So over a year later, while I have heard of a number of "signs" given to others, there are three that are firmly embedded in my heart. The first sign was last year on Easter Sunday, less than a month after he died; the second sign was only a couple of months ago, followed by Hailee's sign, two weeks later.

Despite the pain that still pierces my heart whenever I am reminded that Josh is no longer with us, these signs give me hope and peace that he is not far from those he loves.

God Bless.


Roxanne said...

I am so glad that you sharred this story on the Blog :) It meant so much to us seeing "Dr Joshi" on HaiLee's little name tag. Makhaila and I looked at each other and just knew that this was a sign that Josh knew HaiLee had been born and that he liked that she was named after him.

He loved Giselle so much and loved to hold her. She kisses his picture and says "Josh or Joshie each time."

When we were at his Memorial and she got out of the car saying "Oh Josh...there he is....there's Josh!" we felt she had a special connection. She is not yet 2 years old and she was less than one year when she was last at the park.

Yesterday she climbed up into my desk chair and saw our Christmas photo on the wall in our Josh shirts....she was standing there saying "Joshie...sad.....sad...Joshie" I said GiGi is Josh sad and she said "Noooo" I think she remembered us crying while we were there wearing the shirts.

How precious. Josh was so sweet with children and he has impacted even little Giselle and given his blessing on HaiLee.

We continue to feel blessed that he was and IS in our lives.

Love you Rox

Patty said...


This is amazing! I believe that God comforts us in many ways. I am so glad you feel this comfort from Him and I pray for your continued comfort in your unfathomable grief.

With love and prayers always,

Anonymous said...


I was there at the hospital when Makhaila showed me the pink slip with dr Joshi's and It stopped me in my tracks for a minute!
I really believe that God lets you and all of us see these signs because he knows that it encourages our hearts like nothing else!
Love you loads and may Josh continue to give signs to let you and your family know he is still very much so there with you every step of the way and appreciates all you are doing!
love tami