Please use this blog to help us remember Joshua Lee Anderson, who made the tragic and fatal decision to take his life on Wednesday, March 18, 2009. Please post any memories or thoughts you may have in the comments.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Memorial Service Sharing

If you would like to read the sharing from the Memorial Service, please click on a link below to view it in document format.

Ruben's Message

Joey's Sharing
Ed's Sharing

Uncle Steve's Sharing
Uncle Todd's Sharing
Gillian's Sharing
Lauren's Sharing
Tyler's Sharing

Thoughts from Tim & Sue


Biggie-Z said...

Thank you for posting this. I know I will come back to read everyone's words for comfort in the weeks and months to come, and as I do I will remember the love and the presence of all of the people in the church who came to bear witness, to say goodbye, and to love and support the family.

T, L, G and Josh's parents and grandparents, may you take comfort in the posts and the comments here. Josh will always be remembered and loved.

Much love always.

Anonymous said...

The service was very well done. Gillian's thoughts were especially moving. My condolences to the entire family.

Uncle Jin in CA said...

Thank you very much for posting this and all other tributes to Josh. For some of us who couldn't be there in person, it's the next best thing. I only met Josh a few times, but reading this blog made me feel like I've known him well and how much he was loved by so many people. I'm sure he is in heaven and looking down at us smiling...

Roxanne said...

Thank you so much for posting this. As I have returned to Atlanta to work yesterday and today my thoughts and prayers are with you Tim, Sue, Tyler, Emily, Lauren and Gillian. It was amazing to see your family and friends and feel the overwhelming love for our Josh. I know as we reflect of this we are all figuring out meaning it must have for us collectivley ad for each one of us individually. I believe Josh is saving all of us from the directions we have gone that have taken us away from what is truly important. It may take us time to sort out all that we must learn, but we are talking to each other, sharring our grief, our hearts, we are making changes that will draw us closer to each other and closer to God. Thank you Josh. I can't wait to hug meet you in Heaven and share all the things you have taught me. It may take me the rest of my life to learn them all but I am trying.

Anonymous said...

My family would like to offer our deepest sympathy to your family. We were unable to attend the service and having this blog and posting the Memorial Service was a nice idea. When Kyle told me about Josh, I was stunned. Even though Josh and Kyle are 17 and 18, I still see them as young boys playing Mclean Mustangs! I hope that memory never leaves my mind. I have read through all of the blog and I must say, it is all very touching. Your words of "Wisdom" have touched me and has made me want to have a heart to heart talk with all of my children. Josh will be missed and will always be remembered. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

Take care,

McColgan Family