Please use this blog to help us remember Joshua Lee Anderson, who made the tragic and fatal decision to take his life on Wednesday, March 18, 2009. Please post any memories or thoughts you may have in the comments.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I remember...

I have a box on our dining room table that is full of cards and letters from so many friends and family. We have not seen many of you in years - it has meant so much to know that we are in your thoughts and prayers.

I was going through this box the other night and pulled out an envelope that we received from the funeral home just after Josh's service. In it were printed messages that were posted on their web site - these we had seen. However, there were also over fifty messages written on small cream paper to finish the sentence: "I remember....." that somehow we had missed. Most of them were written by his friends. It actually was encouraging to read them and see once again, how much our son meant to so many.

I remember.....
  • when I was at a South Lakes game...and I said who made that awesome tackle #33? Oh that's Josh the new guy.
  • "I'm a Joshasaurus"
  • coming to visit last summer and Josh had become the coveted Man-Boy!
  • you were a man among boys, your influenced people more than you know. Have fun with the big guy upstairs.
  • video games on the weekend and not going to sleep even for a little...lifting after school every day freshman year, I really got to know you. You made even the worse times fun. I love you Jander, always will.
  • at about 11-2 years old, again his joyous personality, smile.
  • all the times you cheered everyone up with your unforgettable smile. God Bless You.
  • the first time I met Josh. My son introduced me to him after a football game, "Mom, this is Josh Anderson". He talked so much about you. The picture in Facebook reminded me of that exact moment. We are never aware of how much of an impact someone has on another person's life until after they are gone. Josh will be missed by all. He was a terrific friend.
  • the first time I met Josh, he offered to help me carry the tray of food I had. I'll never forget...
  • sitting in Latin on my first day and not knowing anyone in a class full of juniors and he introduced himself and asked if I wanted to play Ultimate Tic Tac Toe. Everyday after, I would leave a note in his jacket hood, and he would thank me for it later, even though it was really stupid. I helped him clean out his backpack and make memory groups with him. I love you Janderbee.
  • when I saw you walk on my bus with that smile. We all know you really made me smile every moment I saw you. I will never forget you Josh. I love and miss you deeply.
  • when I started playing football and when I was last in sprinting, you would always come to the back and push me to finish strong. Or when we were at Williamsburg at lacrosse camp and played cards in your room for hours. I love you man R.I.P.
  • while Josh was in weight training and I was in gym. He would always walk in with Drake and we would laugh and call them "Drake and Josh". It was so much fun talking with him and playing ping-pong. And whenever me and Sami were sitting he would always come over and pull us up and we'd go flying. I miss you.
  • when Josh came over and beat everyone at Guitar Hero in a few minutes. Then he'd proceed to go outside and blast off fireworks for about an hour with my dad. I will love him forever....
  • Josh's smile, his words that meant so much, his attitude that always made my day better...when Josh let me win ONE bet on a football game...out of the 20 games we bet on. All of my memories would never fit on any amount of paper. Love you Josh.
  • that he was the most genuinely nice and sweet guy. Never said anything bad or hurtful to anyone.
  • Josh's first football game....
  • having English and History together. You were a very sweet boy. I never saw you be mean to anyone. I hope you are better!
  • He was trying to put his contacts back in and I was telling him to open his eyes wider and he just looked at me and said "I'm Asian, my eyes don't open any wider!"
  • the time you tried to teach me Guitar Hero. I failed at easy but you told me not to quit until I finished the song. You were a great teacher, I was just that bad. You were always so patient and I thank you for that.
  • your beautiful smile :)
  • I never got to tell you that I love you xxxxooooo
  • admiring the way Josh played with the dog and took care of the yard. My six year old daughter liked to watch him because he was so cute.
  • when we would all sit together at lunch and crack jokes on each other. Josh's smile was the best part of sitting there because whenever he would catch your eye, you would just crack up. I remember loving being everywhere with him.
  • Josh's energy and spirit. He brightened every room he entered and every life.
  • every good time since I met you since kindergarten.
  • what a joy Josh was to have in class. He brought a smile to everyone's face! He will be missed.
  • the stupid fights I would have when I was younger and you were the one who always helped me out and realize things like that don't matter.
  • the one day when you were leaving Springhill ES. I went home and cried because you left during first bell instead of second and I never got to say goodbye. The next day you came back and it was one of the happiest days I had that year.
  • every day we would see you walk by our lunch table where Rachael was sitting. We'd convince you to come sit by her and you'd blush and a smile would emerge on your face.
  • hanging out and the never-ending smile on your face. Love always...
  • all the times on the bus and playing basketball, football, whatever, whenever. You were a good athlete Josh and an even better person.
  • how he always had a smile, how he made everyone feel better.
  • his gymbag...ha ha...his jokes.
  • Josh's interception at his first game at South Lakes against Heritage.
  • how Josh was one of the most unselfish people I've ever met.
  • when we were playing Stonebridge and Josh got a headache and coach wanted me to go in and Josh saw I was nervous so he stayed in for me. He always used to wear his shades and eat seeds at practice. He had a best smile, hands down.
  • your laugh, the puzzles, the jokes, the football, your smile, your hugs, your appetite for sweets. I love you!
  • that smile could to anything.
  • every day at school being cheered up so much, getting a head nod and smile from Josh. No matter what he did, he did it with a smile on his face and cheered up everyone around him.
  • the water bottle Josh kept in his locker filled with grass and assorted bugs.
  • Josh - for the rest of my life.
  • watching movies with Josh, Rachel and others and Josh always bringing peace and calm to the atmosphere.
  • Josh's beautiful smile, even when he had to go chasing after Shelly, Rachel's dog, behind my house. It just showed what a kind and caring person he was.
  • how fun and chill he always was. He never let anything get him down. He worked hard on the field and was a good friend and encourager. I'm gonna miss him as a brother and friend.
  • how Josh would sleep in class all the time and he'd be able to wake up and answer the teacher's questions right. He was a peaceful, loving guy and will be missed.
  • his smile....
  • THE SMIRK...
If you did not have a chance to write something down for us, please post a comment on how you would finish the sentence: I remember.....

Josh's Dad and Mom


Biggie-Z said...

I remember .... that trip to Friendly's where you were scared of the clown sundae because of the face they made with the M&Ms. None of us (except your mom) knew what to do as you sat there crying. So your mom reached over and smooshed the clown face away. You instantly stopped crying and then you proceeded to eat the ice cream (losing half of it down your bib), saving the M&Ms for last. You were so stubborn, too. You'd reach into your mouth and pull the M&Ms out and drop them into your bib.

Then when the ice cream was gone, you ate all the M&Ms, one by one, from your bib. It was a little gross, but it was really, really, cute.

xoxoxo we miss you

rarmes said...

I remember.....our trip from Tyler and Emily's in Athens back to my house in Lawrenceville. We got lost and had to call for additional directions from Tyler. We ended up going through a drive threw of a Krispy Kream and getting donuts and chocolate milk. We laughed and laughed. It took us 2 hours to get back. Bryce was so mad it took so long because he was sooo excited to see you and was waiting and waiting.

Mean while we ended up talking about your love of football and your new school and the panel discussion. It was the longest most indepth talk we had ever had and I remember being so thankful for that talk and time together.

Now, I am even more thankful to God for allowing us that time.

Oh how I wish I could rewind back to that day and hear your laugh again. I miss you so much!

As I told you that day Josh, you are a very smart, talented, awesome person. I believe in you and I am blessed to have you in my life.

All my love...Roxanne